Most orthopedic practices include a regenerative-medicine product canopy to complement their core ancillary offerings. Services that may include PRP, adipose tissue injections, bone marrow aspirate, and amniotic fluid injectables, to name a few.

But these services traditionally fall outside of covered benefits, and therefor are delegated to being offered as a cash transaction in the outpatient setting or are absorbed by the hospitals are part of the DRG.

Although some products have designated coverage from a wound care perspective, most are used in an orthopedic setting as a conservative option for treating pain and inflammation.  However, select products have been assigned Q codes, which reimburse based upon assigned values in Redbook. 

Now, practices can expand capture rates and offer these services under traditional office procedure models, greatly enhancing revenues for the practice while minimizing out of pocket expenses for the patient.

Plus, the amniotic injectable is regenerative, unlike traditional therapeutic treatment options that are often more degenerative in nature and have longer pain-relieving timeframes for the patient.

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