Ancillary revenue is a major contributor to overall physician income, and most practices have an existing therapy division to compliment the support services offered.  Many of these departments appoint a PT to serve as the director, to manage operations while carrying a clinical workload.

However, most of these directors prefer to simply treat patients, and have a hard time balancing the management component of their role while supporting the clinical requirements tied to their position.  Worst yet, most do not have any type of management or business background needed to effectively carry out this dual job performance.

Outsourcing the management and business side of operations can help ensure both the financial goals are met while creating a center of excellence to compliment the other primary specialties of the practice. 

Eliminating some of the associated burdens that traditionally haunt administrators (hiring and staff training, compliance, billing and coding expertise, scheduling, etc.) can serve to optimize efficiencies and allow for prioritized focus for other core initiatives and projects.

Many flexible service options exist and can be easily customized to address the preferences of the practice. 

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