Archway offers a series of innovative, high-value programs designed to achieve vital goals for physician groups and medical facilities nationwide:

The first step: a quick phone consult or webinar that provides with details on the service that interest you … and the financial advantages to  your specific practice.



The Archway Management Service Arrangement (MSA) enables a provider to offer pain management service to Workers’ Comp patients who would otherwise be served by third parties. 


Our reimagined MSA follows traditional billing pathways, enabling your practice to dictate billed charges — and capture 2-6 times the profit delivered by competitive models. Archway’s pricing guidance enables your practice to maintain positive relationships with referral sources and insurance panels.

Archway’s core pain management device offers a superior thermal sequential compression and cold application. This portable, patient-friendly approach improves patient outcomes and constitutes a robust revenue stream for your practice.


  • FLEXIBLE PROGRAMS   Our core service model handles all pre-authorization, product fulfillment, and on-call customer support.  Secondary turn-key options include billing and collection services on behalf of the customer.
  • CLINICAL ADVANTAGES    Industry-leading thermal sequential compression and cold therapy device boosts compliance for both post-operative and non-operative care. 
  • MAXIMUM RETURN:  Archway’s program delivers the highest return of any competitive program in the marketplace while reducing the costs to the insurance carriers.


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) devices are part of immediate postoperative care, but patients remain at high risk for developing clots 5-10 days following surgery. Archway offers a simple program for mitigating that risk:  take-home DVT devices for moderate to high-risk patients.

Archway has a program that accommodate either the ASC or clinical setting, ensuring all patients gain access to devices regardless of where surgery occurs. Our hybrid programs enable providers to capture revenue through targeted payor selection while supporting the entire patient population.  

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) functions serve to further mitigate risk while driving additional revenue back to the provider.



  • STANRADIZED PROTOCOLS   Ensure access to those at-risk surgical patients regardless of place of surgery
  • NEW REVENUE STREAM    Create additional revenue based upon payor mix and RPM options
  • BUNDLED TREATMENT OPTIONS    For select carriers, this program can be combined with Archway’s cold therapy program.


Archway offers in-house medication dispensing program options that enable your practice to capture revenue and offer patients convenient, on-site service.


Our Workmans’ Compensation/Personal Injury program offers both in-house dispensing and central fill/drop ship options to reduce staff burden.  If you currently utilize another WC program, you can use our central fill option to gap-fill any non-formulary medications.  The central fill model also works well within satellite locations that do not have adequate staff to support operations.

Our commercial pharmacy dispensing options include prior authorization and eligibility confirmation in real-time, software integration, and monthly usage and financial reports.  The program serves to increase patient compliance and convenience while reducing carrier costs.



  • EASY TO ADOPT   It only takes two minutes to process a prescription – and our seamless integration process enables you to start dispensing in just weeks. 
  • INCREASED COMPLAINCE  66-75% increase in drug therapy compliance when medication is dispensed at point of care  
  • MEASURABLE FINANCIAL IMPACT   Begin generating revenue quickly, and see ROI forecasts based upon current dispensing trends



Bundled payment plans for TKA procedures incentivize providers to contain costs. The provider assumes risk, but shares in the savings if they keep costs below target prices. The problem: re-admissions or post-op complications significantly reduce profits under a bundled plan.

Archway’s solution:  a pre-rehabilitation brace that prepares patients for surgery. The device strengthens the patient’s leg when they walk, accelerating recovery. Because these devices are issued prior to surgery, they fall outside of the post-operative bundled payment plan and can be billed separately:  a win-win for providers and patients.



  • IMPROVED OUTCOMES    The pre-rehab brace restores strength and ROM prior to TKA surgery and reduces the number of post-op PT visits for the patient
  • GENERATE REVENUE    Contain post-op costs while driving income through your practice’s DME ancillary divisions
  • AVOID HASSLES   With Archway’s program, your practice sidesteps competitive bidding reimbursement reductions through customized OTS options


Falls among the elderly and other at-risk groups are common – and can be dangerous and costly. Archway offers providers a cloud-based platform that enables them to screen, assess, and intervene, helping identify at-risk patients. 


This vital tool also assesses modifiable risk factors to effectively reduce accidents, deaths, and injuries for both your surgical and non-operative patient population.  Assessments can be performed several times annually, depending on patient medical history, and the program is reimbursable for all payors.


The program also helps identity other practice ancillaries (PT and DME) that would complement the intervention pathway, further enhancing the revenue impact for a practice. 



  • REDUCE RE-ADMISSION RATES    Protect the at risk and vulnerable patient population from falls and drive down readmissions 
  • SIMPLE INTEGRATION    Screen, assess, and provide a detailed care plan all through an automated cloud-based platform
  • FINANCIAL UPSIDE   Meet select Merit-based Incentive Payments (MIPS) while generating revenue for your practice


PT and other therapy practices frequently encounter significant obstacles to success:  staffing headaches, compliance problems, financial underperformance.  The solution: a comprehensive management program for PT/OT/ST practices.


The proven program, in place at dozens of practices, solves recruiting challenges, eliminates compliance headaches, handles billing and collections, and more. Choosing this partnership enables therapy practices to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes.  



  • GREATER PROFITABILITY   A comprehensive set of field-tested protocols boosts financial performance, and a compliance program reduces costly errors  
  • THE STAFFING SOLUTION   Program experts hire and train PTs, amplifying their value and efficiency – and solving a primary challenge for most practices
  • MEASURABLE RESULTS   This program tracks 29 vital benchmarks that measure performance — and drive improvements A compliance program that reduces costly errors — and boosts your bottom line



Practices commonly create templates for physician access within their EMR systems in an effort to expedite referrals to practice ancillary divisions. The problem:  if the process is poorly designed, items may be omitted that could have impacted the patient’s outcome — and the practice’s bottom line.

Archway offers a program to standardize protocols and develop a templating process that achieves two key goals:  ensuring the same standard of care for each patient and capturing revenue that all too often falls through the cracks. 

Archway’s approach enables practices to avoid gaps in services and standardize protocols for each provider, ensuring timely access to devices and necessary therapy.



  • DATA-DRIVEN APPROACH   Using EMR reporting for both surgical and patient visitations, this program enables a practice to expand capture rates 
  • STANDARDIZATION AND OVERSIGHT    Adopting Archway’s process across all specialty channels brings uniformity to protocols, and the program offers documentation and compliance oversight. 
  • REVENUE BOOST   Take advantage of product enhancement options that both increase clinical outcomes and drive revenue


Practices that offer a regenerative-medicine product canopy provide patients with important treatment options. The downside: these services traditionally fall outside of covered benefits.

Many physicians see patients that present with chronic non-healing wounds, but typically refer these patients to wound care centers for treatment, as those services typically fall outside of the normal standard of care offered at the practice. However, Medicare covers allograft treatment services if conservative care fails, and these products are excellent options for wound closure and limb salvage.

With Archway, practices can expand capture rates by bringing these services in-house and generate significant revenue through the development of a comprehensive wound care program.


  • NEW REVENUE STREAM  Instead of outsourcing, your practice provides wound care services for better continuity of care and increased revenue.
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS  Skin substitutes and bi-layered dehydrated human amnion membrane allografts
  • FLEXIBLITY  Archway’s program includes insurance verification, pre-authorization support, and flexible payment terms


Many practices offer an internal DME ancillary division to generate revenue and offer on-site access for the convenience of patients. However, many insurance carriers deny or restrict coverage of these products. Practices could purchase and re-sell these devices, but the carrying costs and margins make that approach difficult to justify.

Now, doctors can partner with a retail website that customizes a product listing for each specialty provider, offering competitive pricing while re-directing revenue back to the practice. The patient accesses the website with a login specific to their provider and selects the recommended products. The practice receives payment and is invoiced for product sales, generating margins without the hassle or costs.


  • ANCILLARY REVENUE  Capture revenue from non-covered products while offering a re-sale price point that is competitive with other retail outlets.
  • CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS   Select any and all items to include for patient access.
  • TURNKEY PROGRAM  Archway’s program manages all set-up, product distribution, and payment collections on behalf of the practice.

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