Archway Medical Group was created to introduce innovative, high-value medical products, services, and business platforms to physician groups and medical facilities nationwide:

Pre-rehabilitation protocol for TKA procedures to optimize surgical outcomes, contain postoperative costs, and drive revenue through the practice DME ancillary division.

Home-based, non-pharmaceutical pain management program, that accommodates patient preferences to obtain initial therapy at home following surgical procedures.

Remote patient monitoring of DVT devices following discharge to reduce the likely hood of blood clots, re-admissions, and death.  Providers can reduce liability while generating revenue through remote patient monitoring via a web-based application.

Development of payor-specific program options designed to increase capture rates of traditionally outsourced devices and drive revenue back through ancillary profit centers.

Telehealth services aligned to PT ancillary divisions and DME service options, that help address patient ROM deficits while capturing custom devices via the DME division

Regenerative medicine platform that allows for conversion of traditional cash pay model over to insurance covered service offering, promoting a larger patient capture and reduction of out of pocket expenses while expanding treatment options over all provider specialties.

  • Primary indication for use is pain and/or inflammation, so it offers the ability to offer alternative and secondary treatment options over conventional options.
  • Company offers a product replenishment guarantee if not covered by insurance
  • Pre-authorization and benefit check verification offered as part of product purchase

Our services analyze several key areas that impact clinical performance and patient outcomes while driving financial returns.  These include practice payor profiles, patient visit and surgical volume, coding, billing, scheduling, billing and collections, documentation, efficiencies, staffing, and space allocation.  Collectively, we use that detail to assess current operations and tailor a customized blueprint for optimal success.