Archway Medical Group is a consulting and management firm that specializes in enhancing existing physician owned ancillary profit centers, optimizing profitability while serving to improve patient outcomes.

Archway Medical Group integrates innovative technologies, analytics, and product offerings that positively impact people’s lives, focusing within the DME, ASC, and PT/OT profit center arenas.   Our team helps deliver results without upfront investment, allowing practices to realize maximum returns.

Some of the strategic concentration areas and goals include:

  • Supply advanced clinical platforms that help to improve patient outcomes and accelerate recovery times for surgical and non-surgical candidates.
  • Focus on pre-rehabilitative and regenerative medicine products that serve to reduce healthcare expenses while driving revenue through physician ancillary programs.
  • Remove administrative burdens and challenges by leveraging staffing and billing resources when and where needed.
  • Interface dashboard analytics and metrics to help stay proactive instead of reactive, forecasting challenges and obstacles that impact the bottom line.

Archway Medical Group serves a wide range of providers in multiple disciplines, including orthopedics, neurosurgery, pain management, rehabilitation and physical therapy, hospitals and hospital systems, and more.   Contact us today to learn more about our service offerings and to take advantage of our free assessment.